Wiener Dog and Danny Devito

A picture of a Wiener dog being walked by Danny Devito was recently captured. The wiener dog or Dachshund is probably part of the ensemble cast for an independent film currently in production.

The title of the film is Wiener Dog and will star Danny Devito, Ellen Burnstyn and Kieran Culkin just to name a few. Location of the film is in New York, which is where the image below was taken.

danny devito

According to the Hollywood Reporter, production for the film started the week of June 24th. The film also stars actress Greta Gerwig playing the role of Dawn Wiener:

Gerwig is playing a character first introduced in Solondz’s 1995 cult hit, Welcome to the Dollhouse, which told of a girl named Dawn Wiener who was mercilessly teased. Gerwig is playing the adult Wiener in one of the storylines.

The Dachshund appearing in the photo with Danny Devito is cute and fun, as well as intriguing regarding the possibilities of the film. Look forward to learn more about the film and when I do I will share it here!


Article Source: Borys Kit – The Hollywood Reporter 

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