[VIDEOS] Kitten Bo and Pals Are Doing Great!

About a week ago Celebrity Dog House posted a story regarding an abandoned kitten by the name of Bo. For those of you new to Bo; his story was almost a terrible tragedy as he was abandoned in a dumpster at only a few weeks old. Read the original story here. Fortunately he was found by a wonderful couple who took Bo home and was immediately well received by the other members of the family.

The other members include 2 Chihuahuas by the name of Charlie and Leo and a Poodle named Amber, who was raised by cats herself. The dogs responded to Bo with love and nurturing, especially Amber, whose maternal instincts kicked in right away and has been keeping a close eye on Bo. Which is good because based on these new updated videos, Bo looks like he is adjusting very well and someone might need to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble 😀

Thanks to Taylor James Johnson for providing the update on Bo, Leo, Charlie and Amber. Were glad to see Bo is doing well. Take a look at these two exclusive videos of Bo and his posse together at home.



Click NEXT to see a bonus video of Bo, Leo, Charlie and Amber!

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