[VIDEO]Awesome Video Of Puppy’s First Day In New Home

Ah puppy hood! Do you remember the first day you brought your little one home? No matter the breed they are all legs and ears. Filled with an immense curiosity and no matter what mischief they got into all they had to do was look at you with those big shiny eyes and they made you forget the reason you were upset. The memory is now clouded by love and adoration of the first day of just getting to know each other. Like the song “we’ve rewritten every line” to make it the most precious memory we will have of our dog.

Here is a video from YouTube that depicts the first day a puppy is brought home. Perhaps it is not exactly as the memory in our heads, but the sentiment is there.  A man meeting his soul mate and their first day together. It is sweet, funny and adorable. Take a look for yourselves!


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