[VIDEO] ZUZI is a Howl Of A Dog Rescue

Howl Of A Dog is a non profit organization in Romania. Recently they produced a video on YouTube showing the rescue of a homeless dog named ZuZi. Immediately you see the desire from the dog wanting to trust human interaction, unfortunately, life experience has shown her that not all humans can be trusted.

These videos are not easy to watch, but the transformation you see of Zuzi is remarkable and makes the anguish worthwhile. We hope Zuzi continues to prosper and be taken care of.


Stories such as these are too common. We at Celebrity Dog House show these videos to bring attention not just to the plight of these dogs, but to highlight the awesome work of so many of these non-profit organizations. Large or small these animal advocates such as howlofadog.org are doing the best they can to make a difference in their communities.

So share these stories and encourage everyone to do what they can to help, monetarily or through volunteering.  Unity in a common goal will ultimately make a difference and a little goes a long way. The more we share, the more we care! Remember your communities animal shelter is just a share away.

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