[VIDEO] Yoga And Ohm With Your Dog(s)

It is believed that Yoga began with a Monk who sat out in the woods to meditate. In his state of meditation the monk serenely observed the animals around him. It was like the apple falling from the tree and thus Yoga was born!

Perhaps it wasn’t as simple as that but I do believe that animals do influence many of the moves and positions in Yoga, which is probably why dogs love to jump in when we are doing our Yoga exercises!



Here in this video the Yoga instructor is giving precise instructions for you and your dog to enjoy together. Yoga is a healthy way to keep your body strong and limber, not just for you, but for your dog as well.

The yoga instructor also emphasizes the origin of Yoga and how yoga actually derives from animal poses. In addition she teaches Ohming a meditative sound to help with the breathing needed in Yoga. Watch how her dogs respond to her Ohming!

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