[VIDEO] White God – Dog Movie Review

The movie “White God” is a foreign film where the central character is about a dog named Hagen. Typically films that include dogs have them as a supporting character, but in this film the movie is centered on a dog named Hagen.

Between its (faked) animal-on-animal and human-on-animal violence, harsh language, sexual situations and casual drug use, this Hungarian drama is definitely not for children.

Quote by: Matt Zoller Seitz – rogerebert.com


Hagen is originally owned by a young teenage girl named Lili who has to go live with her father for a while and brings her dog with her. This is where the trouble begins. Misunderstandings, aloofness from an estranged daughter and father relationship, fueled by a lack of communication from Lili’s mother, contributes to the eventual chain of events that begins with Lili’s father abandoning Hagen on the streets of Hungary.

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