[VIDEO] Spay/Neutering Your Pet: Care Suggestions Before And After Surgery

You just got a new puppy and now everyone is encouraging you to get your dog spayed or neutered. After all there is an over population of dogs and cats in shelters and it is the responsible thing to do


So what should you expect when you decide to spay or neuter your dog or cat?  Every situation is different. My cat did not come near me for a week after I had him neutered. We eventually reconciled and our relationship endured 14 wonderful years together! But nonetheless during his recovery and his disdain for me I still had to make sure to keep his incision clean, make sure he ate and drank plenty of water, especially on the second day after surgery. I also had to make sure my cat wasn’t too active to tear the stitches.

When it came to my dog it was a different situation. She was being spayed. I waited till after her first heat, which is discouraged. You should do it before. Your vet will guide you as to when you should have your pup do the procedure. But I was an over protective mother and did not do right by her and waited too long. She is a small dog so keeping her calm was not difficult and in a week she was romping around again. For bigger dogs however, this can be more challenging.

Here is a video by a Veterinarian, Justine A. Johnson, DVM – DACVECC who provides great information on how to take care for your dog or cat after spaying/neutering.

Watch 😀 

The video emphasizes keeping your dog calm after surgery. If you have a pup, large dog or a hyper pet this can be challenging especially during their healing period. Click NEXT to watch a video regarding a method to help keep your dog calm!

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