[VIDEO] Puppy Lost At Sea Is Saved

We all know puppies can get into a lot of trouble. It is part of the growing up process. But this one pup by the name of Noodles got himself into big deep waters, literally.  The pup was part of a ferry ride with its owner in Italy. When the ferry arrived back to shore only then did they realize the dog was missing.

According CBS News the owner tried to send out a search party, but authorities felt that the likely hood of the dog surviving now over 30 minutes long out in the Mediterranean Sea at this point was remote.

Well the authorities were wrong. A sailing club saw the pup swimming all alone and were able to rescue poor little Noodles. The entire rescue was caught on video!

Watch 😀


Noodles was immediately reunited with its owner upon the rescuers returning back to shore. Noodles has been checked out and he is doing fine. Fortunately, Noodles is a strong swimmer and thankfully those kind folks were out at sea that day! We love happy endings!


Video Source:     L’emozionante ritrovamento di un cucciolo di labrador a Napoli  by RYCC Savoia  –  YouTube

Article Source:  Caught on camera: Puppy rescued after falling from ferry in Italy  –  CBSNews


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