[VIDEO] N.Y. Makes It Official: Dogs Allowed In Outdoor Bars & Restaurants

In early fall and for sure all of Spring I always want to take my dog everywhere with me. If I’m going to go out and enjoy a beautiful day then for sure I want my dog there with me. But many establishments are slow in understanding that our dogs are extension of our family life and where we go they go.

But New York is trying to understand this sentiment of us fur moms and dads wanting our dogs with us and has made an official declaration as of today. Earlier today Governor Cuomo signed the “Dining With Dogs” bill earlier today as reported by the site gothamist.com:

This morning, Governor Cuomo signed into law the “Dining with Dogs” bill, sponsored by assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal this spring. The new law ditches the archaic and species-biased ordinance that previously excluded dogs from sharing outdoor space with dining humans. Effective today, any restaurant that wishes may permit pups in their patio, sidewalk or backyard spaces.

Los Angeles already passed such a bill in 2012 and research has shown that it has been a positive experience and no negative experiences to report. Meaning humans and dogs have been able to get along well in these outdoor restaurant and bar environments.

With New York such a large populated city it will be exciting to see which restaurants begin to welcome the four legged friends through to their establishments patios. The word is many restaurants are pleased with the bill passing and look forward to their new patrons!

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Article Source: ¬† ¬† gothamist.com – “Dogs Are Officially Allowed In New York’s Outdoor Bars & Restaurants¬† By, Nell Casey

Image Source 1:    chowhound.com

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Video Source:       WTNH News 8

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