[VIDEO] Kylie Jenner and $50k Pooch

Kylie Jenner has a new pup and he is adorable! The pup is a Merle Tri English Bulldog and goes by the name of Rolly. TMZ.com is reporting that the pup is worth $50k but was gifted to Kylie Jenner from Jeremy Greene, CEO of PingTank, as a thank you for her help in supporting a launch of the company’s new application.

This dog didn’t come cheap … $50k!!! We’re told it was given to them as a gift by Jeremy Greene — the CEO of PingTank — an app both helped launch to success.

These dogs do go for a very high price starting from an average low price of $5,000, but the prices do increase with pedigree and papers. The draw to this type of breed is the size. As they are bred to be a smaller version of the tradition English Bulldog.

 Watch 😀



Video and article source:     Kylie and Tyga Buy a $40k Fur Baby – tmz.com –


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