[VIDEO] How To Prepare Your Dog For New Years Eve

New Years Eve is a big party and celebration for many. A time to celebrate and hope for a prosperous new year. But for our four legged babies it can also be an evening filled with fear, stress and worry.

As the clock strikes midnight so goes the fireworks, firecrackers and unfortunately even gun fire. In my neck of the woods the loud bangs from gun fire is a lot and my precious little ones cowers between my legs seeking comfort.

So how can we ensure our pets are safe from the sounds of a celebration? Well here are a few precautions not only for this New Years Eve, but during any time of celebration.

  1. Crate or secure your dog in a room where the sound is away from the noise or can be muffled.
  2. Play soft relaxing music in the room to help drown out the sounds.
  3. If you choose to keep your dog with you during the celebration then collar and leash your dog even if your just sitting on the sofa in front of the television.
  4. Don’t leave your dogs outside. Even if they are accustomed to being outdoors, on this night bring in your dogs or keep them in an enclosed indoor area.
  5. Keep yourself relax and reassure your dog through petting and stroking. Your dog picks up on your mood and if your scared then so will your dog.

Play relaxing music that is appropriate for your dog. There is an organization called Relax My Dog and their music is designed specifically for our pets. They have a wide selection for any situation.

You can find Relax my dog on YouTube or on iTunes or click on the links. Below is a video about Relax My Dog and what it is they do.

Watch 😀 

I wish you and your pet a safe and prosperous 2016!


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