[VIDEO] Happy Birthday To The Last 9/11 Rescue Dog

Bretagne is a beautiful Golden Retriever who at 2 years of age was one of a 100 dogs who served as a search and rescue dogs on ground zero of 9/11.  Now 14 years later Bretagne is one of the last known living dogs from 9/11 and she just celebrated her sweet 16 birthday.

On September 11, 2001, Bretagne came to New York City to help with rescue efforts. Fourteen years later, the golden retriever returned for a happier occasion: her 16th birthday.



Bretagne and her owner Denise Corliss were members of the Texas Task Force 1 and who responded to the events of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. When it was learned that Bretagne was nearing her 16th birthday BarkPost and other animal loving organizations got together to help celebrate, honor and thank Bretagne for all her years of service. All involved literally gave Bretagne the Red Carpet Treatment.

“After hearing Bretagne’s story and learning that her 16th birthday was coming up, there was no question in our minds that she deserved a Dog’s Best Day for the ages,” wrote Bark Post, the group that coordinated Bretagne’s trip.

Below is the video produced by Barkbox  and in the video you will see how Bretagne and her mom Denise were emotional, sentimental and very appreciative of the love and treatment they both received. Bretagne definitely had the best sweet 16th anyone could ever have!


Thank you Bretagne for all that you did, your years of service and a very Happy Birthday!!!




Article Source: Eyewitness News Los Angeles

Image Source: dailymail.com

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