[VIDEO] Golden Retrievers Love To Help Bring In The Groceries

Golden Retrievers are awesome dogs. The are loving, energetic and great family dogs. In fact they are so family oriented that some love to help bring in the groceries.  In this video we see a German family bringing home the groceries.

grocery helpers

two Golden Retrievers are anxious to help and their mom is just as eager to let them, especially when you see some of the big items the dogs are bringing into the house. Of course there are two other Golden Retrievers who are just as happy to sit by the sideline and just watch. But like any family of four there are those who help out and there are those who are smart enough to let the others do the work 😀

Watch 😀


Video Source:     Bianca Richter –  Die Golden Power of Lindelbach bei der Hausarbeit


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