[VIDEO] Emotional Reunion After Tragic Tornado

I was in amazement as I watch the interview of this mature woman who had just gone through a tornado. I was in awe of her composure as she spoke to the reporter and calmly describe what she had just experienced. As she speaks you can see all the destruction surrounding her and even then it is hard to imagine how she survived. She spoke of her dog and how she tried to put into place emergency procedures in the event of a tornado, yet in the midst of it all the tornado proved to be too strong and she was very much lucky to be alive. In this moment you’re saddened to think, along with her that her dog was not as fortunate. Suddenly, in a moment of contemplation you hear someone speak out “the dog, the dog”! At first it’s hard to see as the dog is very much buried beneath the ruble, but sure enough the dog is alive. Tears will come when you see this video. For the woman and for her dog, especially as she states: “God not only answered one prayer, let me be okay, but he also answered both of them”!

See this amazing moment and share your thoughts!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lady finds dog after tornadoVIDEO OF THE DAY: Lady finds dog after tornado during TV interview

Posted by Big Mama and The WiLD Bunch on Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Featured Image Source: Kansas City District U.S.A

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