[VIDEO] Dogs Are Told They Are Adopted And Their Reaction Is Priceless

We all struggle with it, but we put it off nonetheless. As far as we are concerned they are our babies and we love them as such. Unfortunately, the day does come when we have to face the inevitable, bite the bullet and confront your dog with the undeniable truth…that he or she is adopted.

Here are a few quick clips of folks who faced their fur babies and told them they were adopted. Perhaps some of them will provide guidance on how to tell your four legged love one the truth…


Sometimes a little love is a good way to start 😀





Be prepared for any type of response…




Be gentle and allow them some time to digest the news…




In the end they’ll thank you and love you 😀


Experience the love and joy of adoption. Visit your local shelter and adopt a pet today 😀 




Video source 1:          Tatiannaa

Video source 2:          LarryMiles

Video source 3:         ross johnstone

Video source 4:         Nick Donovan

Video source 5:         Shmoozi boys

Video source 6:        George Price


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