[VIDEO] Dog Survives After Ingesting A Toxic Substance

As a caregiver for my 89 year old mom I know how hard it is to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Dogs are curious creatures by nature, especially as pups. The first year is just about getting to know the world around them and sniff out everything. But unfortunately sometimes bad things do happen. There are accidents that can be devastating.

The  family in the video thought this was the case with their dog Brady. The pup had gotten a hold of a medication that belong to their father who is going through chemotherapy treatment for skin cancer. They were devastated when the dog began to convulse and was unresponsive.

Originally the prognosis was grim for Brady.

They immediately took the dog to the Vet! It was a long night and they thought for sure the dog would not survive, but miracles do happen and as you will see in this short clip that Brady is going to be okay and the family is thrilled and happy!!

See the relieved moment!


Accidents happen, but they’ve been given a second chance, and we hope they have many happy years together!!



Video and Article Source:   Matt Gaudet


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