[VIDEO] Dog Smiles On Command And Will Have You Smiling Too

We’ve seen a log of dogs ham it up in front of the camera, but this particular dog named Herbert really knows how to smile. Herbert is a 5 month old American Staffordshire Terrier and knows how to smile on command.

According to ABC News they report that Herbert was among several dogs rescued just before Christmas and Herbert, currently being fostered, has learned to smile when told to say “cheese”.

Herbert and other dogs were rescued from a pound and was saved from euthanasia and was unfortunately suffering from an outbreak of influenza. As Herbert recovers his foster family have been helping him to be more social and build his confidence.

The smiling dog video has gone viral and when you take a look at Herbert’s pearly whites there is no doubt as to why!

Watch ­čśÇ


Herbert is a wonderful dog who so far has been given a second chance. Thank good for folks like Herbert’s foster parent to step up and help Herbert gain confidence in himself and help to find his forever home!

To read the exclusive and complete story about Herbert check out abcnews.go.com


Video and article source: ┬á ┬á┬áCharming Chicago Dog ‘Smiles’ Every Time He Hears ‘Say Cheese!’┬áBy AVIANNE TAN Jan 13, 2016, 1:13 PM ET

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