[VIDEO] Dog Loves His Name

One of the first tasks of getting a dog is deciding his or her name. A name that will instill confidence and reflect his personality. More and more I’ve been seeing dogs with human names, but that could be due to humans naming their kids less traditional names, like apple or coco, but maybe they’re just really hungry.

When a dog comes into a shelter a name must be provided. The Northeast Animals shelter did this with the dog in this video who they named Michael. Some dogs easily convey so much with their facial reactions and when the videographer called him by his new given name Michael responded immediately.

Watch 😀


After watching this video it comes as no surprise that Michael was adopted and is now with his forever family. However, the Northeast Animal Shelter has many dogs that are still looking for a new home. You can inquire with the Northeast Animal shelter for more information at neas.org.


Video Source:     Northeast Animal Channel on YouTube


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