[VIDEO] Dog Fired From School District After 2 Years Of Service

A dog by the name of Patches was recently fired from the Superintendent of the Jersey Shore School District. Patches served as a crossing guard with his owner for two years. Patches wore the required vest and even had a stop sign attached to his vest to help slow down traffic.

In his two years of services there were never any reported incidents or problems. Pedestrians and local community business owners reported how Patches was very obedient and understood his role and did so professionally for these two years.

ABC News recently covered the story of Patches prior to him being fired. The segment aired on August 28th. Here is the video below:

Almost a week after the airing of this news profile on Patches the school decided to fire Patches, claiming they were unaware the dog was working in this capacity and could be a safety hazard.jersey shore area






Patches owner has obeyed the orders by the Superintendent and Patches is no longer by his owner side serving as a school crossing guard. It is clear in the news segment below, a follow up to the news that Patches was fired, that the school district was unaware that Patches was serving as a crossing guard for the last two years since there has been no negative incidents in all that time.

Here is the follow up news story about the firing of Patches.


What do you all think? Do you agree with the schools decision to remove Patches after two years of no incidents? Would love to hear your thoughts! Please let us know with a comment below 😀 😀 



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