[VIDEO] Dachshunds Excited About A Bath

If only all dogs could be as excited as these two Dachshunds are for bath time. Some dogs naturally love the water and enjoy taking a bath. But these two little Dachshunds absolutely go nuts with excitement when they hear its bath time.

In the comments sections of this YouTube video the producer of the video alejandra554 provided some insight as to why the dogs love bath time so much:

When they were puppies I filled the tub with and inch of warm water and then would give them their meal little by little while in the tub. I did this once a week and slowly raise the water level eventually they associated a bath as a positive thing and in the end since they had no fear of water they enjoyed swimming.

The above comment is a good tip for anyone who has a puppy to slowly begin acclimating them to see water and more importantly bath time as a positive experience.

The video is a couple of years old, but it is still a hoot to watch!


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