[VIDEO] Curiosity May Have Killed The Dog

Curiosity killed the dog seems to be the only explanation for the inexplicable reason why healthy dogs, at least 50 of them in the past several decades chose to jump from a bridge and fall 50 feet to their deaths.

a number of dogs, over a period of decades, had inexplicably lost their lives ‘jumping off’ Overtoun Bridge, near Dumbarton, in Scotland.

A YouTube video titled “Dog Suicide Bridge Scotland” is a little over 6 minute segment; an excerpt of a lengthier documentary about this bridge. The mini doc begins with animal behaviorist named Dr. David Sands. Immediately Dr. Sands introduces the environment surrounding the bridge and from a visual perspective a sense of goth and even eerie feeling is felt through the lens.

You can’t help but jump to a conclusion that maybe it is something supernatural:

There was even the suggestion the bridge might be haunted as a local man, now sectioned under the Mental Health act, had thrown his baby off the bridge.

Overtoun Bridge, near Dumbarton, in Scotland.
Overtoun Bridge, near Dumbarton, in Scotland.


Dr. Sands attempts to explain why these dog appear to have committed suicide. In the video Dr. Sands refutes the possibility of suicide, and any supernatural influence. He subscribes to a scientific explanation for these deaths.

I had predicted from the onset there might be some type of strong scent around the parapets that was over-stimulating a dog’s senses. However, I needed some evidence of something more tangible. I knew there would be scenting from rats, squirrels, stoats, pine-martins or the related, but much large, mink.

Many question the validity of Dr. Sands conclusions. Either way the safety precautions of always having your dog on a leash when out is sound advice for everyone.


Article, Video and Image Source: Dr. David Sands – The Animal Behavioral Clinic


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