[VIDEO] Craiglist Could Be Selling Your Lost Dog

Having a family dog go missing is a heart breaking, high anxiety experience. However, we can learn from the terrible experience from others as to what we can do when a dog goes missing. For one family they learned the hard way that their missing dog went for sale on Craigslist.

According to ABC News 13 it was reported that a 11 year old terrier, named Sushi, went missing and a few weeks later the family saw what they believed to be their dog advertised on Craigslist.

A few weeks later, a dog identical to Sushi was posted on Craigslist. Lowe contacted the seller and set up a meeting, which took place Friday in a Sam’s Club parking lot in Cypress. “I didn’t think it was her,” she says. “Her coat was a different color. She’d been dyed.” It didn’t help that the dog didn’t seem to know her. Still, the sale went through.

See the video to learn how the horrible ordeal started and how they eventually got their dog, back.

The important lessons to learn here, also emphasized by ABC News 13; that when your dog goes missing check out Craigslist for several weeks and make sure your dog is microchipped. Glad Sushi is back with her family!


Article/Video Source: By Deborah Wrigley – ABC News 13

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