[VIDEO] Coconut Oil For Your Dog’s Health

Incorporating coconut oil into your dog’s diet can be very beneficial to your dog’s health. A YouTube video produced by Mercola.com reviews the benefits of Coconut oil.

I noticed my dog Brandy was not as hungry. This went on for a couple of days when I started doing my own research and found this video. I’ve begun incorporating the coconut oil into her diet since August 9th 2015, making it 10 days of her being on this regimen.

My Brandy is not the kind of dog to vomit no matter how bad she feels. On the third day of taking the coconut oil she threw up hair. Since then she has been eating with a voracious appetite. I believe the coconut oil helped my dog to expel the dog hair.


A key component of Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat known as Lauric Acid. According to the video Lauric Acid does not require:

additional absorption or digestion. Your pet is able to assimilate it beautifully without having to require any other organs to work for assimilation or digestion.


The video covers the following benefits of using Coconut oil for your pets:

  1. If your pet is experience digestive problems
  2. If your pet has allergies or skin or coat problems
  3. if your pet has cuts or abrasions coconut oil is great to be used topically
  4. Internally, coconut oil is a great way to absorb Lauric Acid

The rule according to the youtube video for maintenance you should provide:

  1. 1 tsp of coconut oil for every 10 to 20 pounds of a dog’s body weight.


I will make it clear had I not seen an improvement within the first few days I would have take her to the vet asap. Fortunately, this has done the trick. She is up for a check up soon and I will be reviewing this situation with her vet and can provide an update.

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