[VIDEO] Cheetah and Dog Are Forming A Brotherly Love

The Metro Richmond Zoo recently had a female Cheetah give birth to 3 baby Cheetahs, but unfortunately was not producing sufficient milk for all three. The caretakers of the Cheetahs decided to help the smallest of the three babies, who was quickly losing weight and his name is Kumbali.

Kumbali was doing well under the new regiment, but like dogs, Cheetahs do better in a pack familial environment, bonding with their other Cheetah kin. Being alone was not helping Kumbali.  In the video that is shown below we learn how dogs have been used to help with Cheetahs as companion animals in captivity for over 30 years.

The video introduces Kago a mix Labrador who was rescued from a shelter at 10 weeks of age. The two have become the best of friends.  The video is only 41/2 minutes long, but in that short time we learn a lot about Cheetahs and of course about Kumbali and Kago.











This is a great fun and educational video!

To learn more about Kumbali and Kago visit the website of metrorichmondzoo.com/kumbali. A page is dedicated about Kago and Kumbali, as well as times available to see them at the zoo.

The Metro Richmond Zoo is a privately owned zoo who relies solely on the income the zoo itself produces. If you would like to make a donation visit their site at metrorichmondzoo.com/support-us/




Video and Article Source:  Metro Richmond Zoo


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