[VIDEO] Cat Wants Bed From Sleeping Dog And Gently Tries To Wake Him Is Precious

We always think it is Cats vs Dogs, but in reality many cats love their dog companion and likewise dogs love them back. But most cats don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to dogs. Regardless of the dogs size, cats are prone to be dominant and the alpha of any mix pet household relationship. There are tons of YouTube videos to support this statement.

However, there are cats who are gentle in spirit. Such as the one in this video below. The cat and dog often snuggle on the bed the sleeping dog is currently using and the cat wants in. So the cat does all he can to wake this dog and the process of the cats attempt is just precious!

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The song “You made me love you” by Judy Garland is just so pleasantly appropriate and gives the video a more sentimental feeling! Great video, awesome pets!



Video Source:     Adorable Cat Tries To Wake Up Sleepy Dog | CatNips  by  CatNips  Р YouTube


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