The website The Daily Megabyte posted a very sweet YouTube video of a dog who survived cancer. There has been a lot of emotional videos of dog owners who unfortunately know that their time with their dogs is nearing an end and the videos show how they are doing all they can to make that time left with them the best ever. They are wonderful emotional videos, yet have me crying so hard that my dog has to console me.

That is the beauty of this video. We get to see a dog by the name of Wallace celebrate his 11th birthday and you can see in the video how much his family loves him. The birthday cake alone is awesome and the birthday present is every dogs dream. After crying I went and hugged my dog! You’ll want to hug yours too after you watch the video.

Check out The Daily Megabyte for the great article on Wallace and click on the video below to celebrate with Wallace on his 11th birthday. May he have many more!

Source: The Daily Megabyte

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