[VIDEO] Bella And A Great Dane Named George

When we think of service dogs we often think of German Shepherds, Labs, Golden Retrievers, etc. But how about a very tall Great Dane by the name of George. George is an awesome dog who provides service and care to an 11 year old girl by the name of Bella.

Bella, unfortunately, suffers from a degenerative disease called Marquio Syndrome. This disease makes it difficult for Bella to walk and before George required her to use crutches to get around. But now with George by her side, Bella is able to walk without crutches and be more independent.

Watch 😀 


George is further proof that service dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Dogs do so much for us and we in turn need to do just as much. George was trained by the organization, Service Dog Project Inc. a non-profit organization who have trained over a 100 Great Danes like George. To make a donation and to learn more about the organization click here.



Video source:    Bella and Her Great Dane George  by  roby dioseghi  –  YouTube


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