[VIDEO] Amy Poehler and Friends Are Helping To Get Pets Adopted

October is Pet Adoption Month. Actually October has a lot going on, you know like Breast Cancer Awareness MonthHispanic Heritage Month, although that just finished…Anyway we are going to discus Pet Adoption Month and the actress Amy Poehler is recruiting her best celebrity buds to help bring attention to pet adoption.

Hello Giggles and Amy Poehler have an A-list of Celebrities who will be doing a series of videos where they will do voice overs using dogs to talk about pet adoption and show off some pretty adorable dogs that are available:

Hello Giggles reported: A+ celebs lending their voices to pets in search of a forever home. Upcoming voices include Aubrey Plaza, Ike Barinholtz, Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, and Nick Offerman.

First up is John Mulaney, also a comedian and who is very very funny. He does the voice of Bart in this adorable video titled Heavy Petting!

Watch 😀


Article Source:     hellogiggles.com

Video Source:       Heavy Petting Ft. John Mulaney


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