[VIDEO] All Aboard The Dog Train!

The world needs more people like Eugene Bostick. A man who retired 15 years ago and thought he would spend his days working on his farm along with his brother. But the act of others directed Bostick to instead begin caring for dogs that others dumped in the area where he resides.So he and his brother did what they could to feed these dogs, heal them, take them to the vet and give them a good life. He rescued them and has been doing so for 15 years.

What has brought Bostick attention is what he built for his dogs, a train. He himself put together these barrels with wheels hooked them up to a tractor and off the go! According to the Dodo website. Bostick drives the dogs around at least two times per week and the dogs love it!



Watch the video below! To read more in depth about Bostick and his dogs click here!

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