[VIDEO] Actress Sanaa Lathan And How She Pampers Her Babies

Sanaa Lathan is a beautiful successful actress who stars in the just release  film The Perfect Guy.  Although her career keeps her busy; she always has time for her two precious English Bull Dogs who go by the name of Pops who is 11 years and Sophie who is 8 years old.

According to a recent interview that she did with People Magazine she mentions how she loves to pamper her babies with spa day, with the best of food and the best grooming:

Lathan, 44, admits that she spoils her furry friends with spa treatments and lavish grooming.

Sanaa Lathan: What My Dogs Know About Me| Dogs, Sanaa Lathan

She will do what she can for her loves when they unfortunately have been hurt. Recently Pops suffered a neck injury and she began to take him to an ancupunturist to help with his healing:

Pops had a neck injury recently, [so] I took him to an acupuncturist who would massage him for 30 minutes every day,” she says. “Now he loves massages, so I give him doggy massages. He loves that.

Ms. Lathan movie The Perfect Guy is in theaters now and you can see the trailer here.  Here is a video of Ms. Lathan speaking about her loves:




Article Source:    GABRIELLE OLYA      (Twitter)

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