[VIDEO] A Kayak Built For Three

Kayaking is a wonderful recreational sport. Out on the lake, taking in the most beautiful of scenery and embracing all of nature as you paddle along. What could be more wonderful than that. Well taking your dog along of course and not just one, but two!


So when 67-year-old David Bahnson decided to retire, he built a dog-friendly kayak so his two pups could enjoy it with him.

Meet the man who redesigned his Kayak, so his two dogs could share in with his passion for kayaking. His name is David Bahnson and in an interview he did with the Huffington Post, he stated how he redesigned two of the baggage compartments of the Kayak to make it safe for his two dogs, Ginger and Susie:

To make his design safe, Bahnson attached borders [or "coamings"] to his dogs' seats to keep them cozy.
To make his design safe, Bahnson attached borders [or “coamings”] to his
dogs’ seats to keep them cozy.




Susie and Ginger have been properly trained to get in and out of the Kayak. This helps to ensure the safety of both Brahnson and his two dogs. The two dogs love the Kayak. The third hole was put in when Ginger became part of the family and not wanting to leave her out of the fun made an additional seat for her:

“When we got Ginger, I just put in another hole,” said Bahnson. “It’s like a triple kayak, only there isn’t enough room for the paddlers to put their feet — but it’s perfect for a dog.” (per thedodo.com ).

brahnson and dogs

In looking at the images you can clearly see the happiness and the contentment of Susie and Ginger, as well as their fur dad. Dogs want to be with us regardless and when parents can make it happen, like Bahnson then it is just priceless for everyone!

To read more about Giner, Susie and Bahnson check them out at the following resources below!


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