[VIDEO] A Game Console For Your Dog

Whether you work  or whether you have the privilege of being with your dog at home all day there is still the challenge when you have to leave your dog alone. You have to run errands or are gone for a typical work day and when the time comes to leave it is heartbreaking to know your dog is going to be left alone.

Alone with nothing to do and depending on your dog the anxiety of being alone for even a few minutes can be a concern for you and your pooch. But what if there was a way to keep you dog engage with an activity that will reduce the boredom, reduce the anxiety and help past the time.

Well such a method does exist and it is in the form of a game console called CleverPet.  Below is a video about the device.

Watch 😀

The device offers three games to challenge your dogs cognitive skills. For example one game called Pattern Play is similar to a childhood game called Simon, where the console shows a pattern of lights to your dog. Your dog has to remember the patterns and press the buttons according. By getting the pattern correctly your dog is rewarded with a treat that is produced by the console.

A third game that interests me the most is Word Learn. Word Learn allows you, the dog owner, to record a word, such as the word “left” teaching your dog to obey the command of pressing the left button. What a remarkable way to not only engage your dog, but train your dog to learn a new word as well.

CleverPet is not available in any retail stores at the moment, but you can visit their website and provide an email for future orders. The console is schedule to available this April.

Would you buy this for your dog? Would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment!




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