[VIDEO] 3D Running Prosthetic s Helps Derby The Dog Run

Dogs love to run! From the smallest to the largest canine, dogs love to run. But not all dogs are fortunate to be able to do so. Fortunately, through the use of technology, dogs with disabilities can have the chance to run. Meet Derby a dog who was born with its two front legs deformed.


His Foster mom Tara Anderson took Derby in from an organization called Peace and Paws.  After taking Derby in Tara knew she had to help him and tried getting him a cart, but as you will see in the video the cart had many limitations.

But Tara was not deterred and through the use of technology, more specifically a 3D Printer, Tara was able to give Derby the mobility he so desperately desired.

Watch the heartwarming story and learn about the value of 3D technology!!


An additional positive to 3D Prosthetic’s is the cost associated with having to create additional prosthetic’s as Derby continues to grow and develop.  To learn more about 3D technology visit and like 3D Systems Corp on their Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/3dsystemscorp/


Video Source:     3D Systems


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