The Red Carpet: Stray Dog Saves Police

This is a “Red Carpet” story. Meaning the dog featured in this article deserves to be recognized for his actions, bravery and love. Therefore, in honor of his heroism we are giving this story “The Red Carpet” treatment! We all love dog stories, but there are stories that are truly exceptional and deserve the true status of being a celebrity. This story features a dog named Oso, which in Spanish means bear, just FYI 😀 Oso prevented a police station from being attacked with a grenade, was unfortunately hurt in the process, but saved the many police officers who have always cared for Oso.  Below is a piece of the story.

In La Paz, El Salvador, a stray dog named Oso who lives around the Santa Maria Ostuma police station, saved all on-duty officers from a gang attack, when the dog fought off gang members forcing them to flee.


The group of criminals planned to attack the station using a grenade, but when Oso saw the gang members approaching he attacked the criminals and defended his home and friends.

Great job Oso, you deserve the Red Carpet and so much more!

To read the entire story click on the link:


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