[VIDEO] Terrier Slams Dunks The Cavaliers

Missed the big game? Which one? Well unless your not into basketball (me) then you missed one of the highest rated televised game 6 in, well a really long time. according theguardian.com. 



Tuesday night’s game, when Golden State won 105-97 in Cleveland to seal a four-games-to-two series victory, was the most watched Game 6 in ABC’s history, scoring 23.2m viewers, according to Nielsen


What does this have to do with dogs, well a lot really, because this is a site about dogs and basketball would only be significant if somebody had done a reenactment of the final famous game.  Fortunately somebody in the YouTube world did put together a play by play of this great game between the Warriors and the Cavaliers (hope I got that right).  The video features stars an adorable little Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Misa Minni and a delightful French Bull dog by the name of Brody Brixton.


So congrats to the Golden State team, which I think are the Warriors for winning and thank you MeSoMiniMisa, from YouTube, for putting this video together. I think I get how the game went down!





Article Source: Tim Hill – theguardian.com

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