Shopping Is Caring

A great way to help many non profit  animal organizations, who in turn help animals, is to buy their products.  Like this gorgeous Paw Print Angel Wings Two Toned Zip Hoodie is a beautiful gift for someone who has lost a loved one. We should never forget those we were privileged to have in our lives. Pets lives no matter how long we had them are too short, but oh so sweet.


That is why there is no better way than to commemorate those we have loved and still love than with hoodies like these. Even though they are gone I still want to keep them in my present life and talk about how great they were. The Paw Print Angel Wings Two Toned Zip Hoodie is beautiful and makes a very sentimental gift to someone who has just lost their pet.

Also hoodies like these are great conversation starters to talk about my Kiwi or my Pepper and my sisters dog Chauncey who she had for 17 years.  We should buy these shirts to honor our love ones and their memory and in the process help the pets who are not so fortunate.

paw print angel wings

Each love is different, some losses are more profound than others. Not because we loved the others less or loved one more. No one should have to explain or justify it for love is love and we can’t help feel the way we do.

Hello Animal Lovers! Our Paw Print Angel Wings Two Toned Zip Hoodie is on sale today only from $29 in S-4XL! Each order provides 28 bowls of food to animals in shelters and sanctuaries!



To all my dogs who I loved before… I am blessed  the list is long. I pray to god that I never did you any wrong. For you are forever in my heart. Your love and memories will never keep us apart. I see pieces of you in the one I love today. So you see you are never far away. 





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