[PHOTOS] Family Pics That Try To Realistic

We’ve all seen the picture perfect photos on Facebook, Instagram, and so forth. Even the most amateur mobile phone image is taken several times, edited and enhanced habitually before the user post it on their favorite social media site.

But a good choreographed image does not look choreographed or conveys a message that even if it is staged you don’t care. In this era of inundated photos this is probably a key element in an actual professional photographer.

Danielle Guenther is one such professional. Check out two of my favorite photos here. Many more are posted at upworthy.com

See 😀 

just-another-mouth-to-feed-f79114ba5367e568c22205991123f699 just-another-mouth-to-feed-updated-4645f74b388b5adb216ea51018878cf7before

Gotta love this one with the mom feeding the bottle to the dog. Posed or not the dog is definitely in heaven. What pooch doesn’t still want to be the baby of the house!

one year later

This is titled “One Year Later” and the kid is just laughing it up. He knows he is the caused of their exhaustion. Even the dog is tired…gotta love the dog 😀 😀


Image source 1 and 2:     Family photographer Danielle Guenther gets the struggle that is parenting.  by:  Laura Willard  at upworthy.com

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