My Name Is Earl

My name is Earl, no not the TV Show of the same name, but an adorable sweet, yet grumpy looking pup who is the new internet sensation.

According to the Huffington Post:

The dog, who’s also known as “Earl the Grumpy Puppy,” has an underbite, some wrinkles, and a dark complexion causing him to really live up to his name.

my name is earl

Earl cannot help his facial expression, this is how he looks. Even though he may appear that Earl is in a bad mood, but in reality, according to his his parents he is actually a very content sweet puppy. Earl’s face probably makes even the simplest situations extra funny.

But when a dog has had enough in the end all dogs kinda look like Earl 😀 Welcome to fame and good fortune Earl, may you always be blessed 😀

Pirate Earl
Pirate Earl

Article Source: Kimberly Yam – Huffington Post

Image Source: Earl The Grumpy Puppy on Facebook 


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