Legislation For Dogs Left In Hot Cars

With summer jut beginning the possibility of dogs being left in a hot vehicle for more than 5 minutes is unfortunately a reality. In many states it is illegal for a citizen to break a window open to save a dog. However, in the state of New York a politician is working to introduce legislation that will allow citizens to assist dogs left in a hot vehicle.


The website lifewithdogs.com reports that if the legislation passes there are no financial consequences to the citizen who breaks into the car to rescue the dog. For example if they break a window to get to the dog the citizen doing the owner of the dog and vehicle will have to pay the cost to repair the window. There is also protocols to follow once you have rescued the dog.


In addition to the protection from arrest, the animal rescuer would also not be liable for any damages incurred.  Guess who’d have to pay? Any pets that would be removed from a sweltering or freezing car would be taken to a designated animal shelter after receiving emergency veterinary care, and the hero would have to leave a notice on the vehicle with their name and the contact information of where the pet would be taken.


In many states, such as in California, it is against the law to leave dogs in vehicles under extreme weather conditions. It is encouraging to see a state, such as New York, changing the law to allow citizens to provide assistance to dogs left in cars during very hot or cold weather. If the law passes it can set precedence and encourage other states to follow suit.



Article Source: Life With Dogs

Content Image Source: Valerie Everett – https://flic.kr/p/6kbART

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