GREAT NEWS UPDATE: Heartbreaking Pic Of Two Dogs Have Found A Forever Home!

It was an image that was definitely worth a thousand words yet conveyed one significant emotion; fear! Two dogs hugging each other just hours before they were to be euthanize.angels among us pet rescue

Fortunately, due to the photo going viral a no kill shelter, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, intervened and rescued the two dogs. They were now safe from euthanasia, but now they had to wait and hope to be adopted.

We are happy to report that the two dogs Kala, an 11 month old hound and Keira, a 15 month old boxer mix have been adopted together and are now safe in their forever home as reported by

Kala, an 11-month old hound mix and Keira, a 15-month old boxer mix, have now been adopted by two best friends who live together in Atlanta

The two dogs have been adopted by two female friends who live together and say that they saw the story about the two dogs in an article in People magazine and immediately called the shelter to see if the two dogs were still available for adoption. The two dogs have always been inseparable and it is wonderful that the two will remain together in the same household.  We hope the four of them will be very happy together for a very long time to come and wish them all the best!

New home: Kala and Keira looked set to be put down in summer, when a photo of them huddling together went viral, but they have now been adopted by two Atlanta women, Wendy and Pam, who are best friends  









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