Billie Lourd and Her Dog Tina

Billie Lourd is the daughter of Carrie Fisher and is an amazing actress in her own right. She is currently starring in the new TV series Scream Queens in the role of Chanel No. 3 and does so marvelously.

Although her character is very dry and indifferent in reality, based on her interviews and images Billie Lourd is of course very different from the character that she plays. One image example of her opposite portrayal is her love for her dog Tina, a French Bulldog, seen here below!

Watch 😀


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She was most recently out and about in public with her dog Tina on October 4th supporting her Scream Queen co-star Abigail Breslin, who was doing a book signing for her new book titled

“This May Sound Crazy”.  Check out Pics of Billie and Tina!




☀️ #sunsouttonguesout

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Video and image sources:     Billie Lourd @praisethelourd on Instagram

Image Source:                          Getty Images


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