Backyard Mushrooms Cause Dog’s Death!

There’s nothing sadder than a beloved pet passing way when it could have been avoided.  The owner of a small dog is demonstrating accountability as she shares news of her dog who recently died by eating mushrooms that grow wild in her backyard.

Anne Smith of Denver, Colorado, hopes that by sharing the news of her 5-lb Chihuahua Bailey’s death, other pet parents will be more diligent in checking their yards for mushrooms before letting dogs outside to explore.

“We were out enjoying that gorgeous weather, and the dogs were having a heck of a time wandering around the yard, sniffing things,” Smith explained to 9 News. “Bailey was always one who explored things with her mouth and that was her thing.”

I’m sure we’ve all seen these wild mushrooms grow in our own backyards, but this is where we need to always ere on the side of caution, especially if you know your dog is one to put everything in their mouths. So after a rain, before letting your dog out review your yard and remove these if you see them pop up.

To read the complete story and for more information on protecting your dog, click on the link below:

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