American Airlines Prevents Veteran And Service Dog To Board Plane

Sometimes employees are either too eager to go above and beyond hoping to gain attention from upper management or they really don’t know what they are doing due to lack of proper training and education of company policy.

Such may have been the case with the employees of American Airlines, who recently denied a military veteran and his service dog to board a plane. The veteran, Captain Jason Haag and his dog Axel were returning home from a special event they both attended in Los Angeles, along with Captain’s Haag wife.

Captain Jason Haag and Axel posing at the L.A. Gala honoring Axel at the 5th Annual  Hero Dog Awards.
Captain Jason Haag and Axel posing at the L.A. Gala

Captain Jason Haag, a former Marine who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, was attending a gala for Service Dog of the Year in Los Angeles where his German shepherd, Axel, was awarded the top honor.

The incident was reported by Captain Haag on his personal Facebook News Feed:

Fox News is reporting that American Airlines has issued Captain Haag, his wife and Axel an apology for not allowing them to board their schedule flight home.

Unfortunately it did require for the American Humane Association to intervene on their behalf. They were able to find the couple and their dog a hotel reservation and a new flight for their departure home.


We apologize to both Captain Haag and his family for the confusion with the travel plans, yesterday. Thank you, Captain Haag, for your service to your country. We are extremely proud to fly you, Axel and your family,” American Airlines spokeswoman Victoria Lupica



It has been reported as to whether American Airlines will reimburse The Haag family for the additional expense incurred or for the additional stress the family endured in the situation. Captain Haag suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Axel is his service dog that helps him with his condition.


Axel was awarded the top honor of Service Dog of the Year at the annual American Human Association Hero Dog Awards.  The event was held on September 20th. To read more about Axel and why he was chosen to win the prestigious award click on the story here.

Service dogs are the future and they are here to stay. They have been proven to help and aid those they care for. Organizations, such as American Airlines, need to ensure they understand the law concerning and handling service dogs, incorporate an updated company policy regarding service dogs and implement proper training and education to their employees.

The award event was televised with an all star cast and will air on Hallmark Channel on October 30, 2015 at 8 pm/7 PM Central. 


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